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I've had my Kenmore washer and dryer units for more than 4 years now, and I wasn't surprised when they began to have problems. It was never anything like fully not functioning, but for example my washing machine has had leaking problems and spinning problems, and my dryer would fail to fully dry clothes leaving them damp at times. I thought about buying new units, but my friend told me about Washer & Dryer Pros so I decided to give them a try earlier this year for both washer repair and dryer repair. I was really impressed by both their washer repair and dryer repair services for my Kenmore units, as they quickly and professionally found the problem and fixed it, explaining the problem to me and the repair process every step of the way. I was really impressed by their friendliness and willingness to explain things to me, and I really value a professional who can demonstrate that kind of proficiency. Needless to say, I'll definitely be going back to these guys. I definitely recommend them if you've got issues with your dryer or washing machine.

The Washer & Dryer Pros Story

Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, Washer & Dryer Pros is committed to providing the best washer repair and dryer repair services to our local neighbors. Our passion for washer repair and dryer repair starts and ends with making sure our customers are completely happy with our services. Our commitment to customer happiness means we won't just make sure you're satisfied, but we'll do our best to exceed your expectations whenever possible. We're trying to build the best possible washer and dryer repair experience possible in the San Francisco Bay Area - come join us in our mission and help us evolve washer and dryer repair to the next level!
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The Washer & Dryer Pros Story
Washing Machine Repair

Washing Machine Repair

When your washing machine is broken, you’re suddenly left frustrated without a means to get that load of dirty clothes washed. In this terrible situation, nothing alleviates the headache faster than fast, quality washing machine repair services. Our washing machine repair services will get your unit up and running like brand new, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Simply give us a quick phone call and you can say goodbye to the nightmare of not being able to keep your clothes clean! We fix all brands and models of washing machines, so you can rest assured that we’ll be able to repair your machine with no trouble.
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Dryer Repair

Few things are as irritating as when your dryer breaks down or stops working properly and you’re left with a heap of wet clothes that you expected to find dry. But fear not, our trusty dryer repair is just what you need to get back that warm and fuzzy feeling - literally! When you call us for our dryer repair services, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that a friendly, experienced technician will be sent out to your location as soon as possible to take care of you and your dryer. Whether your dryer is completely broken or simply not drying as fully as it should be, we can fix just about any problem you come across.
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Dryer Repair
We’re Born and Built in San Francsico!
As a company, we’re proud to have been born and built in San Francisco. We love this city and it’s cutting-edge place as a leader in technology, ideas and culture. Our staff also lives in San Francisco, so as your neighbors we’re completely dedicated to lending you a helping hand.