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At first glance, dryers look like simple, straightforward machines that should be able to run without much trouble. You might be surprised, however, to find out just how many things can go wrong with dryers - problems starting, tumbler problems, inconsistent or insufficient heating, overheating and more. No matter what problem you're experiencing, our dryer repair services are just what you need to get your machine back up and running like new. We know how important fast dryer repair services are when your machine malfunctions and causes the headache of being unable to dry your damp clothes, which is why we also pride ourselves on responding quickly to requests for help and working diligently to get your machine repaired quickly and efficiently. At Washer & Dryer Pros, no matter what problem or machine you have, you can be sure the job will get done fast and professionally!
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Why Our Dryer Repair Services Are Second to None

We approach every dryer repair service with the same quality approach that starts before we even begin the job and ends with your complete satisfaction. We take extensive measures to ensure we complete each job to the highest level of quality possible. Before work starts, we require each of our technicians to undergo regular, ongoing training so you can be sure they arrive to the job fully prepared and knowledgeable. This strict training policy covers all types of problems for all makes and models of dryers, so our technicians can repair just about any problem with any unit. When we arrive to the job, our technician is fully equipped with all the tools and parts to fix almost any problem, so you won't need to wait around for a part to get shipped in. After the machine is repaired, our work isn't over - we're always ready and standing by to make sure our repair work holds up.
In addition to our methodical approach to our dryer repair work, every job also follows our mission to create the best possible dryer repair experience possible for our customers. At Washer & Dryer Pros, everything we do begins and ends with the happiness of our customers. One quick look at our Yelp reviews shows just how much our customers appreciate our hard work and dedication to our craft. We're always happy to give you full explanation of our process and how things work whenever you have questions, even before you decide to choose us for the job. Our passion is fixing washers and dryers, so we love sharing our knowledge with our customers. At the end of the job, we'll show you that the machine has been restored and let you test things out, and we won't consider the job done until you're happily satisfied.
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A couple of days ago I contacted Washer Dryer Pros to get a washing machine repair service. It stoped draining. One of my son's sock got in the pump filter and blocked the water coming out. Since Alex already was here fixing my washer, I asked him to check my dryer because I felt it wasn't drying that well anymore, and sure enough, he found that dryer repair will be next one right after he's done with my washer. To repair my dryer he needed to replace something related to a gas valve. To make a long story short, overall it was a great experience with a very reasonable quote for both appliance repair services. Highly recommend this company and thanks again Alex!
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Kenmore Dryer Repair

One of the most prevalent appliance manufacturers around and sold by Sears since 1927, you probably already know the Kenmore brand. Since these dryers are some of the most Show Full Text common in local homes, if you're looking for Kenmore dryer repair services, look no further - our Kenmore dryer repair skills are among the best around, as we've worked on countless Kenmore dryers over the years. From insufficient drying to loud noises, we've fixed just about every problem that can affect Kenmore dryers, so don't hesitate to give us a call and we'll send someone over to quickly get your Kenmore dryer fixed and working like brand new. Hide

Whirlpool Dryer Repair

In need of Whirlpool dryer repair? We've got you covered. As Whirlpool dryer repair experts, we know all the ins-and-outs of these machines. Some of the most common problems Show Full Text we see with Whirlpool dryers include problems starting, heating problems, failure to turn or tumble, heating too hot, stopping during a cycle, making abnormally loud noise and more. No matter what problem your Whirlpool dryer is experiencing, rest assured that we've seen and repaired just about every issue that can afflict these machines. Since Whirlpool has been one of the most common brand names in appliances in the United States for decades, we've worked on countless Whirlpool dryers and have the experience necessary to be the Whirlpool dryer repair experts you're looking for! Hide

Maytag Dryer Repair

While Maytag is now owned by Whirlpool, it's actually one of the earliest names in appliances as it was founded all the way back in 1893. The company was even successful enough Show Full Text to be one of the few companies that could actually be profitable in successive years during the Great Depression of the 1930s. However, even a successful and storied brand like this one isn't immune from having problems every now and then, leading many local residents to call us for our Maytag dryer repair services. We're proud to be known for our superb Maytag dyer repair skills, having had years of experience fixing these machines. If your Maytag dryer is giving you trouble, give us a call and we'll be happy to get it back up and running. Hide

Samsung Dryer Repair

One of the relatively newer big brands of dryers in America, Samsung has been building a name for itself in the modern era with well-respected dryers. Most of us know the Show Full Text Samsung brand from consumer electronics like our mobile phones, but the company has been very successful with building household appliances like dryers as well. However, while most of us think of Samsung as a high-tech brand, their dryers are of course prone to the exact same problems as any other brand of dryer. We've been called upon by our customers to fix Samsung dryers that don't heat well enough, overheat, don't start, don't tumble, and more. No matter what problem you're facing, our team of experts provides Samsung dryer repair services that can't be beat. Call us today for fast Samsung dryer repair you can count on! Hide

LG Dryer Repair

Another tech-savvy brand from Asia that has successfully established a foothold in household appliances, LG dryers have become one of the most common brands around when it Show Full Text comes to dryers. Many people don't realize that the initials of the company stand for Lucky Goldstar, but if you're having problems with your LG dryer repair you're probably not feeling very lucky at all. Just like any other dryer, LG dryers are prone to heating problems, tumbling problems, noise problems and more - not because they're a bad brand, but simply because all dryers eventually run into these problems. If you need fast, reliable LG dryer repair, give us a call and find out why our customers rave about our LG dryer repair team. Hide

GE Dryer Repair

Just about everyone in the United States and many people around the world know the GE brand. GE is one of the largest companies in the world, listed as the fourth-largest Show Full Text firm in the United States by revenue. This manufacturing dominance led GE to start building some of the most commonly purchased and used dryers around, making them one of the most common brands of dryers that we see among our customers. If you're looking for GE dryer repair help, look no further - our team members are all GE dryer repair experts, having worked on countless GE dryers over the years to fix all kinds of problems. Give us a call today and we'll send one of our friend repair technicians to get your GE dryer fixed quickly and thoroughly. Hide

Dryer low heat?

No matter what brand or model of dryer you have, there are some common problems that afflict all dyers. If you're having problems with a dryer with low heat, we're here to Show Full Text help. Experiencing a dryer with low heat is one of the most common problems we're called upon to fix, and we practically fix these issues on a daily basis, so you can call us with the confidence of knowing that we'll get the job done quickly and completely. Get that warm and fuzzy feeling back - give us a quick call and you'll be back to drying your clothes to their warmest in no time! Hide

Dryer no heat?

What's worse than a dryer experiencing low heat? A dryer with no heat. Having a dryer with no heat is possibly the most frustrating problem you can have with a dryer. Going Show Full Text to your dryer after a cycle and expecting to find warm clothes, only to find them wet and damp still is unnerving - especially if other people are waiting to use the dryer. What can you do? Give us a quick call and our friendly team of dryer repair experts will be happy to send a professional repair person out to your location to get your machine fixed in no time! Hide

Noisy dryer?

One of the more annoying problems you can experience with a dryer is the classic noisy dryer issue. A noisy dryer can be a real nuisance not only to you and your household, but even nearby neighbors or other residents in your building. Noisy dryers can be caused by all kinds of things, but our team of dryer repair experts has seen just about every cause and knows how to quickly diagnose and repair a noisy dryer. Give us a call today and see why our customers are raving about our noisy dryer repair services on review sites like Yelp!
If you're having a dryer with other problems like: dryer won't start, won't stop, won't turn during cycle - > we are here to help In addition to heat and noise issues, there's a plethora of other problems that can afflict dryers. We find our customers often call us for help when their dryer won't start, the dryer won't stop, or the dryer won't turn during a cycle. Whether your dryer won't start, won't stop, won't turn during cycle, or is having some other problem, remember that our team of repair specialists focuses specifically on dryers and washers. Most of our calls are for dryers, and since they're our specialty, you can rest assured that our team has fixed these issues countless times before. When you call us to repair your dryer, it's a sure bet that we'll show up to the job fully prepared with the right parts on-hand, so we'll get your dryer fixed as quickly as possible so you can go back to your normal daily life without waiting around for help.
Special: $20 OFF on Dryer Service! Call Now: (415) 830-8151
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